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About Gullahmana

Gullahmana is one of the few Spell Casters of the Gullah traditional lineage from Charleston, South Carolina. The Gullah tradition is from the Gullah region which extended from the Cape Fear area on the coast of North Carolina south to the vicinity of Jacksonville on the coast of Florida; but today the Gullah area is confined to the South Carolina and Georgia Lowcountry.

He has a team of younger spell casters who proudly speak Geechee, the only human language spoken in the spirit realms. The Gullah Ancestors were slave wariors and spiritualists who originated from a diverse cultural background from Bahia, Wolof, Mandinka, Fula, Baga, Susu, Limba, Temne, Mende, Vai, Kissi, Kpelle, Gold Coast, Calabar, Congo Republic, Liberia, Sieraleon, and Angola. The spirits of his ancestors flow right from the Rice Coast to the South Carolina and Georgia coastal regions of the United States of America. Hence, they are regarded as citizens of the Universe because of their presence in several societies in the world. The potency of the Gullah magics and spells is eveident everywhere around the world. The Gullah spells have no limits and they are not to be toiled with. Gullahmana belongs to a bloodline of Spell Casters who have graced several platforms and societies in the Universe. Gullahmana is a passionate and professional Spell Caster with experience solving several situations.


Gullahmana specializes in a broad range of services. He leads a team of professional and ethical Psychics, Mediums, Spell Casters, Herbalists, Witches and Wizards who work all under his tutelage to practice the Gullah tradition, magic and voodoos. As Gullahs we believe every human being deserves to be happy, healthy and successful against all odds. However, certain situations beyond human comprehension tends to deter us from achieving the design for our lives. Thus, we need to protect our happiness in this wicked world. If your happiness is shortlived or threatened then you have come to the right people to help you. Good health is a standard we ought to keep. If you are having health problems, Healing is here. Love is a gift from the creator and we should not be deprived of it. If your love life is problematic, you have come to the right place. If your career is threatened, this is the place to revive it. Gullahmana is here to help you with Healing, love, sex, money, career, protection and prosperity spells. which ehance you to achieve what your star is destined for and live a fulfilled life. Gullahmana offer spells of all kinds. Gullahmana's main responsibility is to travel deep into your problems by consulting with spirits and performing divinations to determine the correct and most effective spells for your situation. Our innate knowledge, spiritually inspired intuition and expansive connection with the universal elements of Spirits, Air, Water, Fire and Earth help us to solve every problem. As Gullahs, have expertise in witchcraft, wizardry and all forms of spells, rituals (ring shouts), hags, roots and herbs.

Terms of Service

100% NATURAL SPELLS: Gullahmana spells are cast with the purest intentions and will bring desired results.
SAFE MAGIC AND NO BACKFIRES: no client ever reported a repercussion after the use of one of Gullahmana spells. Gullahmana is safe and secure.
FAST RESULTS: after your spell is cast it will take only a few days before it starts to manifest. You will rapidly notice the changes! Most clients have full results from 3 days and up to 4 weeks!
POWERFUL AND PERMANENT EFFECTS: Gullahmana spells will give you a long term solution to your problems and the effects of the spell wont fade away with time.
ONE TIME FEE: We have no hidden or service fee. We charge only for materials because we have the powers not the materials. Stay away from spellcasters who keep asking for more money! My services are clear: get what you paid for!
FREE RECAST: Because your satisfaction prevails, if you dont have full results after 4 weeks, we will recast your spell without any additional charges!


We try to limit the testimonies for privacy reasons, Below are some of the testimonies shared with the consent of our clients:

April 19, 2011 by Camille (Paris)
Merci à ce grand homme...Mon mariage a étégongà la fin.Nous avons rencontré lesavocatset les établissementsdivorceétaient presqueterminées.mon mari et moi,ont également étébattentqui gardenos enfants.J'ai failli abandonnerquand je me suisprésenté àlaGullahmana.Il jeta unsort d'amourquia fixé monmariage etmon mari està la maison pourmoi et les enfants.MerciGullahmana.Je ne pourrai jamaisvous payer pourla restauration demon bonheur.

Mar 11, 2012 by Angie (OH)
My relationship was over and everything we built over the years began to crumble. I got referred and Mr. Gullahmana helped to restore my love life to normal. I got my man back and we now have a 2 year old son. We were tempted to name him Gullahmana but we didnt know what it meant hence we named him Guy. Thank you Gullahmana, you are a blessing.

Aug 3, 2012 by Ryan Krewl (NZ)
Business was going well but for a strange dream I had in 2009. All of a sudden everything went down the drain. My family detested me for wasting the family fortune. I contemplated suicide at some point. But thanks to Prophet Gullahmana, my business got back on its feet and everything came back to normal and even better.

Jan 17, 2013 by Andrew Baker (UK)
I always thought spell casters were fakes till i met Mr. Gullahmana. I had issues with my Boss. I am a hardworking person and I always deliver upon my tasks. I used to be his favorite, all of a sudden the man wouldn't recommend me for promotion for over 2 yrs in a row. Gullahmana cast a career and prosperity spell for me. Now i head an entire department. My boss cant work without me. all thanks to Gullahmana.

Feb 21, 2013 by Reyes (Spain)
Se sentía como si mi vida estaba a punto de terminar. Nadafuncionaba.Perdí mi trabajo, mimujery mifailyme abandonó.Un amigome presentó aGullahmana.Me diounas cuantasoracionesy todovolvióa la normalidad, sin costo alguno!


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